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An Earthly Interactive Experience
developed in conjunction with the U.S Geological Survey

"This disc would be a fine addition to your elementary or middle school's media center or your classroom library. This product could also be used in a high school earth science class...It contains excellent information, and the presentation is attractive and easy to understand. Highly recommended."
-Sally McCombs, Science Teacher, LEAP Program at Petree-
for Multimedia Schools
May/June 1997

"GeoMedia scores well on all fronts: It's interactive, thorough and informative. The bottom line: No matter how a student best learns. GeoMedia provides that avenue to understanding. GeoMedia is a must have for home educators and a strong contender for teaching budgets."
-MacHome Journal-
February 1997


In GeoMedia, GeoKids[TM] present interactive, multimedia journeys through forests, mountain streams, oceans, cities, time, and space. In an array of motion pictures, sound, text and computer animation's, GeoMedia provides exciting new materials on earthquakes, water and carbon cycles, the greenhouse effect, measuring environmental change, geologic time scales, and understanding maps. GeoMedia was developed with the adherence to Earth-Science Curriculum Standards for schools.

Target Audience

Schools: Students and educators, public and school libraries. Grades 4-9

Home: Students and parents learning together. Ages 10 & up.

Key Features

Screens and Topics

  • See the Earth Quake:
    Earthquakes highlights the causes and effects of the sudden and sheer energy released from the earth. Includes Earth Forces, Inside Planet Earth, Plate Tectonics, Pacific Epicenters, Measurement, and Magnitude.

  • Identify Life's Building Blocks:
    Carbon Cycle explains how carbon moves through a complex global cycle that has been going on for hundreds of millions of years. Includes Photosynthesis, Ocean Life, Ocean Sediments, Volcanic Emissions, Fossil Fuels, Forest Fires, Deforestation, Respiration, and Industrial Emissions.

  • Discover the Veil of Life:
    Greenhouse Effect presents how a thin veil of protection surrounds our planet and makes life possible. Includes Solar Radiation, Light & Heat Energy, Atmosphere, Ozone, Greehouse Gases, and Global Warming.

  • Navigate the Globe:
    Understanding Maps is an invitation to a journey. Learn how maps are read and used. Includes Map Scales, Planimetric, Topographic, Relief, Geologic, Hydrologic, Land Use, and Photo Maps.

  • Embark on a Water Journey:
    Water Cycle follows the continuous adventure of water in clouds, rain, lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans. Includes Evaporation, Vegetation, Clouds, Precipitation, Surface, and Ground Water.

  • Decipher the Earth's Story:
    Time and Change captures the Earth's story in the crashing of waves and the movements of continents. Includes Measurements, Ice Cores, Tree Rings, Fossils, Satellite Images, Computer Models, and Seasonal Changes.

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